Leadership Forum provides access to a variety of speakers, design firms and activities for a select annual class of local Emerging Professionals.

Learning Through Shared Experiences.

In lieu of other one-on-one mentorship models, this collaborative learning  program design works to cross-strengthen the entire class through pooled resources and reflective practice.

Core Content.

The essence of Leadership Forum can be found in its monthly meetings. The group gathers for engaged discussions with local architects, firm tours, conferences, construction site tours and other activities. Various topics are explored in an open-forum format, and range from leadership in design, architectural practice, firm dynamics and community-based design.

Self-Driven Learning.

Leadership Forum is not a training program, nor is it a structured seminar. Participants are expected to take responsibility for their own development by building their individual leadership skills and learning their own personal leadership style.


Class members will be asked to contribute to the planning and execution of certain aspects of monthly meetings, and will also be encouraged to develop additional (optional) site tours, meetings, events and projects for the group.

Supplemental Curriculum.

To complement monthly meetings, Leadership Forum participants are assigned a series of readings. Curriculum elements are then discussed with the group following monthly meetings.

Leadership Forum 2017 welcome package

Leadership Forum 2017 welcome package


Scheduled monthly meeting attendance is mandatory in order to successfully complete the program. At the beginning of the year, participants are asked to arrange their busy schedules to prioritize for these once-per-month events. Meetings generally occur on 2nd or 3rd Thursdays from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

Class Size.

In order to facilitate an effective learning environment, Leadership Forum class size is limited to between 6 and 10 individuals per calendar year. Selected participants are chosen through an application process which receives final approval from the AIA Triangle Board of Directors.

Giving Back.

Leadership Forum promotes strong connections to the community through volunteer activities, educational initiatives, and through its content and curriculum.

Lifelong Network.

The Leadership Forum Alumni is an active group of past program graduates. Following the first year of Leadership Forum, Alumni are encouraged to formulate group projects and pursue responsibilities within AIA Triangle and in the community.

Additional Information.

Eligibility Requirements and Program Fees can be found on the application page.